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Baby S was born saturday 28th 12.10 am at Warwick hospital.  I had a difficult 3 days labor. Long story. We would be  really happy if you can stop by to meet our precious baby. Thank you for being so supportive now and back when we thought it was a grim possibility.  We are settling down right now and open for visitors once we hit 2 weeks mark.

Hope to see you soon.
Kind Regards

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support

I came to Jacqui on my third IVF attempt. I had received acupuncture elsewhere for my first two attempts. Jacqui’s treatment changed my whole outlook on IVF. I have no doubt it was this treatment that made the difference as I became pregnant. After my second cycle of acupuncture  treatment, the first cycle I didn’t ovulate, I fell pregnant again naturally. Before this we had been trying for six and a half years and had never become pregnant. We couldn’t believe it. I am sure without Jacqui’s acupuncture this would not have been possible. Due to a miscarriage I have no hesitation in seeking Jacqui’s help again. I could not be more grateful for all the treatment, support and advice and could not recommend Jacqui more highly.

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support

I have know reached my full term

I have now reached the full term and we can not thank you enough for fixing me and making this whole experience possible!! We are expecting a little girl and can not ask for a much better gift from upstairs 🙂

I met with this lovely couple in Sept 2013 , They had suffered a miscarriage in July 2013 at 8 and half weeks , and they  had not been able to conceive since ( 11 months trying ). The situation was understandably creating much anxiety and the couple were very concerned and worried , dreading that conception might never happen again for them.

During our first treatment I found that my patient a  29 year old female ,  seemed to be very blood deficient , showing poor circulation and from tongue diagnoses Iron deficient , I suggested and Iron tonic and extra vitamin D and Calcium . We had one session of counselling  , concentrating on understanding and elevating anxiety. I suggested mindfulness mediation and Breathing to help control negative thoughts , to calm down and relax. I gave detailed instruction on how to recognise the warning signs of stress and anxiety and we went through relaxation techniques  together.

There was also a family history of premature low ovarian reserve so we did and AMH blood test .The results that came back could not have been better. This elevated any concern regarding egg reserve , and helped tremendously psychologically to becoming  much more positive .

Emotionally relaxing and allowing the  idea that this was going to be possible, I believe was key .within the first month of seeing me , In fact within 2 Acupuncture treatments this couple  was able to conceive naturally and are now awaiting the birth in just a few weeks  of their first baby.

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support

Beyond Perfect  

Jacqueline was recommended to us by our Consultant at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine. After 3 unsuccessful rounds of ICSI (one of which resulted in a miscarriage at 6 weeks) over 2 long years, I was keen (and a bit desperate!) to try something new.

Jacqueline immediately put us at ease & I commenced regular sessions. The appointments gave me the opportunity to completely focus on this round of ICSI & truly relax. During this time, Jacqueline provided constant emotional support & advice.

I had a very positive response to the stimulation treatment & produced 16 eggs of which 9 developed into embryos. We were able to have 7 embryos frozen; something which had never been an option for us.

My pregnancy was confirmed on 14 September 2013. We were in shock & Jacqueline was one of the very few people we told about our news. I continued to see Jacqueline throughout my pregnancy & the appointments gave me the confidence to believe in the pregnancy & focus on my unborn baby.

Isabelle was born on 22nd May 2014 & is perfect. After years of unsuccessful treatment, we honestly believe that we wouldn’t be in this position today if we hadn’t met Jacqueline & are so grateful for what she was able to do for us.
Jessica xxx

Hi Jacqui,
Upon your referral to Dr Agrawal, we were eligible for treatment on the NHS. Once tests we carried out, we found out that …………….. has a low AMH level, and that my sperm, although very high on numbers, lack mobility. We were asked how we wanted to proceed, after careful thought we decided to try IVF. To shorten the story, injections and egg collection went fine. When I produced my sample, it seemed to be in low concentrations, so they decided to do an ICSI procedure. 
Anyway, we found out last week that it worked and that we’re 5 weeks pregnant!! 🙂 As you can imagine we’re elated. 
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and everything that you did for us. In my eyes this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you, so I will be eternally grateful.
Best Regards,


Jacqeline is proud to announce that Ultrasound Scans for Monitored Cycles, are now available at Fertility Support Number 7 Clarendon Place Leamington Spa CV32 5QL.

For further details or to book an appointment please contact us.

I found acupuncture so helpful during IVF, especially around embryo transfer as it relaxed me in preparation for a very important day. Jackie is just fabulous and for anyone going through IVF I would highly recommend her. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge, she is also a wonderful support. E xxx

I can honestly say I wouldn’t consider going through any fertility treatment without Jacqui. She’s been an absolute rock and has been such an incredible support throughout our treatment.

This isn’t simply a job for Jacqui; she invests so much time and energy into her patients, and has such incredible empathy, knowledge and experience of infertility issues that she should be considered a real expert in her field.

She has an extensive network of contacts (including the CRM in Coventry and the Zita West network) and such a vast knowledge of fertility issues which made the whole process of determining the right course of treatment and navigating what is often a mind-boggling and emotionally tumultuous process all the more easier.

Jacqui has always provided positive, but unobtrusive guidance at every stage, helping to make sense of the maze of IVF and infertility issues. It was her advice, guidance and emotional support that I found invaluable, bridging that gap (and in my case clearing up the confusion!!) that often resulted from all too brief hospital appointments. The acupuncture treatment itself was reassuring and calming and made a huge difference to my wellbeing and how positive I felt during my treatment.

Jacqui has been an absolute saviour and without her, I don’t think I’d have got through the 2 rounds of IVF I’ve done in one piece!!

She is simply amazing. The kindest, most compassionate, knowledgeable and supportive person I’ve ever met and I can’t thank her enough for getting me through the last couple of years. If you’re thinking of undergoing fertility treatment, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending seeing Jacqui. She’s one in a million. Thank you Jacqui.

C xxx

Acupuncture for FET

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is a process used during fertility treatment where a fertilised egg (embryo) has been frozen and then thawed to be transferred to the womb.

The process can be done alongside a drugs protocol to manage a woman’s hormones or done naturally following the natural stage of a woman’s cycle – acupuncture can provide help and support during either of these processes.

Thoughts from one of my clients on her experiences on FET and Acupuncture:

“After doing two full rounds of IVF we had two embryos to transfer at the end of each cycle so didn’t have any spare to freeze. On starting our third round of IVF having frozen embryos was something I considered as the holy grail. However on our third round after collecting 15 eggs at the egg collection stage, we then went on to have 1 embryo for transfer 5 days later and then also 5 embryos (blastyosts) to freeze. For anyone going through the process they will understand how happy we were to be given more chances at starting our family without going through the whole IVF process but doing FET instead. 

The initial embryo transfer during our third round was not successful, we then went onto do a natural FET; so the embryo was transferred a few days after I tested positive for ovulation, this transfer was not successful, determined to try the process again natural we waited a couple of months (I got fitter – physically and mentally) and we then tried again and this time we got what is know in the trade a BFP (big fat positive).  

The FET process was a positive experience for us and I loved being able to do the process as close to naturally as I could. In the last few years technology has rapidly improved for thawing embryos as have rates of success for pregnancy and they are now almost as good as a fresh transfer (depending on your clinic). Some Dr’s believe that in a few years FET will be the way that all embryos are transferred; allowing the woman’s body to recover from the IVF process before an embryo is transferred – something that is already done in Japan.

Jacqui worked with me alongside the FET to support my system to be ready to receive our embryo and has continued to give me treatment into my pregnancy. The treatments are always relaxing, enjoyable and the support Jacqui gives is above and beyond what anyone could expect – I highly recommend her fertility support services for anyone under going fertility treatment.” 

Acupuncture works alongside FET where we concentrate on helping the blood supply to the uterus ready for implantation. 

To find out more about how Acupuncture for fertility can help with FET and other fertility treatments please contact me.

Acupuncture for IUI

IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) is very often the first type of treatment tried in assisted conception.

Intra-Uterine Insemination Explained

IUI involves sperm insemination  via a catheter, into a women’s womb. It’s often considered as a first for of treatment in cases such as unexplained infertility, part of a donor treatment for same sex couples, in cases of mild endometriosis or in cases of mild sperm issues.

I have worked with a number of clients during there IUI treatment, providing acupuncture and fertility support at various stages of the process:

  • If you are taking stimulation drugs eg clomid to help develop follicles Acupuncture treatment may help during this phase with the development and also the ease the effects of the drugs on your system.
  • Acupuncture can also be given at ovulation.
  • Pre and post the insemination – which may help the women’s uterus keep calm and promote good blood supply to the uterine lining.
  • About 7 days after the procedure we can do an Acupuncture treatment that may help with implantation of the fertilised embryo.

To find out more about how Acupuncture for fertility can help with IUI and other fertility treatments please contact me.