Hi Jacqui

I just wanted to email you to thank you for your help and support over the past few months. I am coping very well with my anxiety and haven’t had a panic attack in quite some time.

I know it will take time for my anxiety to be a thing of the past but I am now able to embrace it and use the coping strategies you taught me to help me stay calm. I have made a few small changes both in my work and home life including swimming and general ‘me time’ to unwind. I am recently noticing I CAN cope in stressful situations such as my car breaking down this morning- Just one of those things, whereas before due to be being so wound up and feeling so stressed, I would go into a full blown melt down.

The tools you have given me will last me a lifetime, mindfulness/relaxation/communication and many more, I would not hesitate to come back to you in the future should I ever need someone to talk to and confide in. I have recommended you to family, work colleagues and Friends.

I am so glad I met you and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Kind regards


For the last year my partner and I have been trying for a baby with no avail. I’ve been keen on keeping things as natural as possible and following a recommendation from a friend about how acupuncture can be beneficial for fertility, we thought I should give it a go. The initial consultation was encouraging, as Jacqui was able to explain about charting ovulation, symptom management with my PCOS, as well as the possible options with acupuncture and support with IVF. The information provided from this initial free meeting was really helpful, as I could begin to make lifestyle changes prior to the acupuncture session. My first acupuncture session went really well and Jacqui put me a ease straight away. My next session was when I discovered that I had become pregnant, and Jacqui was the first to know. I’m convinced that the input from Jacqui has resulted in this pregnancy and I aim to continue with the acupuncture sessions to help with the pregnancy and provide additional support.
Thank you Jacqui for making things possible.

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support leamington Spa

Baby S was born saturday 28th 12.10 am at Warwick hospital.  I had a difficult 3 days labor. Long story. We would be  really happy if you can stop by to meet our precious baby. Thank you for being so supportive now and back when we thought it was a grim possibility.  We are settling down right now and open for visitors once we hit 2 weeks mark.

Hope to see you soon.
Kind Regards

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support

Thanks so much for all of your help…..you have held my hand through a long, dark tunnel and helped me back into the light.
Thank you seems inadequate but thanks.
T 🙂
Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support

I came to Jacqui on my third IVF attempt. I had received acupuncture elsewhere for my first two attempts. Jacqui’s treatment changed my whole outlook on IVF. I have no doubt it was this treatment that made the difference as I became pregnant. After my second cycle of acupuncture  treatment, the first cycle I didn’t ovulate, I fell pregnant again naturally. Before this we had been trying for six and a half years and had never become pregnant. We couldn’t believe it. I am sure without Jacqui’s acupuncture this would not have been possible. Due to a miscarriage I have no hesitation in seeking Jacqui’s help again. I could not be more grateful for all the treatment, support and advice and could not recommend Jacqui more highly.

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support

I have know reached my full term

I have now reached the full term and we can not thank you enough for fixing me and making this whole experience possible!! We are expecting a little girl and can not ask for a much better gift from upstairs 🙂

I met with this lovely couple in Sept 2013 , They had suffered a miscarriage in July 2013 at 8 and half weeks , and they  had not been able to conceive since ( 11 months trying ). The situation was understandably creating much anxiety and the couple were very concerned and worried , dreading that conception might never happen again for them.

During our first treatment I found that my patient a  29 year old female ,  seemed to be very blood deficient , showing poor circulation and from tongue diagnoses Iron deficient , I suggested and Iron tonic and extra vitamin D and Calcium . We had one session of counselling  , concentrating on understanding and elevating anxiety. I suggested mindfulness mediation and Breathing to help control negative thoughts , to calm down and relax. I gave detailed instruction on how to recognise the warning signs of stress and anxiety and we went through relaxation techniques  together.

There was also a family history of premature low ovarian reserve so we did and AMH blood test .The results that came back could not have been better. This elevated any concern regarding egg reserve , and helped tremendously psychologically to becoming  much more positive .

Emotionally relaxing and allowing the  idea that this was going to be possible, I believe was key .within the first month of seeing me , In fact within 2 Acupuncture treatments this couple  was able to conceive naturally and are now awaiting the birth in just a few weeks  of their first baby.

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support

Beyond Perfect  

Jacqueline was recommended to us by our Consultant at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine. After 3 unsuccessful rounds of ICSI (one of which resulted in a miscarriage at 6 weeks) over 2 long years, I was keen (and a bit desperate!) to try something new.

Jacqueline immediately put us at ease & I commenced regular sessions. The appointments gave me the opportunity to completely focus on this round of ICSI & truly relax. During this time, Jacqueline provided constant emotional support & advice.

I had a very positive response to the stimulation treatment & produced 16 eggs of which 9 developed into embryos. We were able to have 7 embryos frozen; something which had never been an option for us.

My pregnancy was confirmed on 14 September 2013. We were in shock & Jacqueline was one of the very few people we told about our news. I continued to see Jacqueline throughout my pregnancy & the appointments gave me the confidence to believe in the pregnancy & focus on my unborn baby.

Isabelle was born on 22nd May 2014 & is perfect. After years of unsuccessful treatment, we honestly believe that we wouldn’t be in this position today if we hadn’t met Jacqueline & are so grateful for what she was able to do for us.
Jessica xxx

It’s a Boy

Hi Jacqui!
Hope you had a good birthday lecture in London!So….. Oren was born yesterday at 6.39am, weighing 3.3kg! Everything seems OK! I’ll send you a photo later today! But I will have to cancel my appointment for later !!!!!!. Love xxxxx (& Oren)

I saw this lovely Couple in April 2013 , the reason for fertility treatment was because of low ovarian reserve measuring at 4.08 pmol/l (age 33) and a thyroid issue , having tried 3 cycles of clomid the couple decided to go on to IVF at Coventry University Hospital (CRM). The news of Low ovarian reserve was of course extremely upsetting , with so many mixed emotions this client was divested, we spent the first session talking, trying to make sense of the diagnoses and coming to terms with the idea that this process may be more difficult than originally thought. After explaining that actually many girls are successful with much lower AMH count , and that in fact I had treated many couples who now have babies and some even working on a 2 nd pregnancy seemed to give hope and relief.
We had time to prepare so was able to have 8 electro acupuncture treatments prior to IVF cycle.
The long protocol was used so I gave acupuncture during the down regulation phase then 2 acupuncture treatments during the stimulation phase,on day of embryo transfer pre and post transfer acupuncture treatment was given , as the embryo was blastocyst a treatment was given 3 days later to help with implantation.
We saw each other for monthly acupuncture treatment , this pregnancy was an absolute dream , the Mommy to be just blossomed . during the last 4 weeks we saw each other 4 times for treatment , getting ready for delivery , Baby O arrived just a few dates after expected due date .
Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support


Our Beautiful little girl was born today at 10.40Am weighing 7lbs 14oz xxxxx
I first saw this lovely couple in Sept 2012, the couple were receiving treatment at Coventry University Hospital (CRM) and the reasons for fertility treatment were : AMH measuring 11 pmol/l ( 34 years old ), immune issues, blocked fallopian tubes due to adhesions discovered after an ectopic pregnancy, and showing signs of Anaemia, Male factor anti sperm antibodies.
The couples first IVF cycle unfortunately failed , however the cycle response was very good so they had 5 frozen excellent quality blastocyst. The First question was if best to go with a fresh cycle or have a frozen transfer (FET)
We discussed the possibilities and I presented the current research on FET, suggesting that in fact in Japan they will only carry out FET, some of the rationale for this being that the body can be drug free ( unless oestrogen etc is required to help thicken uterine lining) There is less trauma to the womb , having not just gone through egg collection, we know that the embryos are strong and very good quality as they having gone through the embryo scope and survived the freezing and thaw process.
The first 4 acupuncture treatments were electro, my aim was to help bring blood supply to the uterus, we did not need to work on follicular development as we already and the frozen embryos . Then day 5 after ovulation on the day of embryo transfer I gave pre and post acupuncture treatment. then again a few days later acupuncture to help with implantation. After positive pregnancy test and first scan I saw this client for monthly acupuncture treatment. During the final 4 weeks we worked on getting ready for the birth. This involves once a week acupuncture treatment. The final Acupuncture treatment was to help in early labour.
Baby girl was born 2 days later.

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support

Hi Jacqui,
Upon your referral to Dr Agrawal, we were eligible for treatment on the NHS. Once tests we carried out, we found out that …………….. has a low AMH level, and that my sperm, although very high on numbers, lack mobility. We were asked how we wanted to proceed, after careful thought we decided to try IVF. To shorten the story, injections and egg collection went fine. When I produced my sample, it seemed to be in low concentrations, so they decided to do an ICSI procedure. 
Anyway, we found out last week that it worked and that we’re 5 weeks pregnant!! 🙂 As you can imagine we’re elated. 
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and everything that you did for us. In my eyes this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you, so I will be eternally grateful.
Best Regards,