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Expanding Coventry Clinic

It’s been a busy few months at the Fertility Support Clinic; alongside helping lots of couples to start there dreams of having a family we have been expanding our Coventry clinic.


We now have three beautiful treatment rooms at our clinic in Coventry.

Our clinic in Leamington Spa will be moving to 39A Regent Street.

Our clients come and see us from Coventry, Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Rugby, Solihull and sometimes even further afield.

Please contact us in confidence about the fertility and pregnancy support services we offer.

Introduction to Counselling

Introduction to Counselling – here I talk about the benefits of counselling and what patients can expect from counselling sessions with me:

Introduction to Counselling Video Extract:

I would like to take this opportunity to just say a little bit about how counselling works and the kind of issues that people might bring to a counselling session.

What is counselling?

I would describe Counselling as a confidential helping relationship. Counselling is a form of therapy that helps when you are going through emotional difficulties, and feeling overwhelmed by issues that you might be facing in your life at that moment.

Counselling is about having someone that really listens – something that in today’s society seems to be quiet rare. Someone who really listening to your thoughts and understanding some of your most closely guarded feelings, and helping you explore your problems in a safe confidential environment and in a totally non judgmental way.

Counselling is not about telling someone what to do, because that would create a dependency. However I will be able to help you, and facilitate your own skills in finding ways to sort things out for yourself.

Counselling gives you the opportunity to have two people examine your life, teaching you how to become the “passive observer of your own life” giving you the ability to be able to see the old triggers and patterns and to help you stop reacting to situations in the same old way, which inevitably ends up with you feeling very stressed  and  creating lots of anxiety.

I work with individuals or couples.

When working with couples we will be looking at how communication works within the relationship particularly focusing on assumptions and expectations.

Counselling / Psychotherapy  therapies could mean learning how to communicate with others in a more productive way and also improving relationships, it could mean learning to take care of yourself in a better way, by living a more balanced life.

I am an accredited bereavement counselor and have worked extensively with those facing loss and change.

In Summary

Counselling is about self development, its about you, about working with you to understand and work though the many issues that affect us from time to time. Helping you to rediscover who you are and come to self acceptance.

Its about you becoming better at learning to cope with your and emotions feelings.

On our journey we will work towards building greater self confidence and self esteem.

My clients come to me by self referral, you don’t need a GP referral and I work with many employee assist programs.

I am an accredited BACP member and I am a recognised provider of counselling and psychotherapy to the leading private health care provider in the UK and a member of their mental health and wellbeing network.

If you are looking for a counselor in the Warwickshire area (where I work) I have clinics both in Coventry and Leamington Spa – contact me to see how I can help.

Introduction to Acupuncture

Introduction to Acupuncture – here I talk about the history of acupuncture and what patients can expect from Acupuncture treatment:

Introduction to Acupuncture Video Extract:

Firstly a little bit about the history and philosophy of Acupuncture .

Acupuncture is a part of Chinese Medical practice, alongside Herbal medicine and Shiatsu Massage. The medical books on acupuncture were originally  compiled during the reign of the Yellow Emperor.

Acupuncture has been practised for about 4 thousand years.  It operates on the principles of the Meridian system.

At that time the human body was seen as a small principality or country. Each organ had an official to take care of it.  For example the stomach official is called the official in charge of rotting and ripening . So you can see that even back then there was a great insight into how the internal organs worked.

Each organ has its own meridian .

There are 14 channels that run throughout the body, much like path ways , and along these path ways, Qi or energy travels, much like veins and arteries carry blood.

There are over 600 points all along these channels that are like pools of energy and by inserting a very fine disposable needle we can change the flow or quality of the QI.

Sometimes when there is pain or blockage in the energy flow we will need to either tonify or help the energy move, or sedate, or disperse an accumulation of energy.

I can also use electroacupuncture where very small electrodes are attached to the needles to pulsate, this is extremely help full when trying to move energy.

Does acupuncture hurt?

The first question that many patients ask is ‘does acupuncture hurt?’

The answer to that question is no, it may feel like a little sting occasionally, but usually once the needles are in you will feel very little, you may just relax and even go to sleep, depending on what we are treating. There is usually no blood drawn .

What to expect from first acupuncture treatment?

Your first acupuncture treatment lasts for about an hour and half , then subsequent Acupuncture treatments last for one hour.

Your first treatment will consist of us sitting down together and going through a traditional diagnosis. This is a fact finding mission. I will ask all about your health, medical history, life style, even going into what time of day and year you feel at your best.

I will also be looking at your diet and sleep patterns, it is all this information that helps me understand how to treat your condition.

Then I will ask you to sit on the treatment couch, after a short physical examination, taking pulses and checking your tongue, we will start to needle.

The first needles are very superficially inserted into points on the back. This is called a drain, this is a detox treatment that will allow us to begin with a nice clean meridian system.

Then during that same treatment session we will also begin work on your condition.

Once your condition is sorted out many people decide to come for a ‘seasonal tune up’

Every time the season changes, you can pop in for a treatment.

Chinese Medicine, un-like its western medical counterpart, is a preventive medicine, rather than treating the body once it is already sate of disharmony or disease.

If you would like to know more about acupuncture and how it might help you please contact me.

Counselling Case Study

The following information has been changed to protect my client’s identity.

Jane is in her 40’s and happily married mother of twin’s aged 4. Her husband is in remittance stage two MS. Jane came to me for counselling because of the recent death of her elderly mother. She had previously had counselling 10 years ago when her first husband committed suicide. We worked together for 8 sessions.

My initial meeting with Jane was focused on finding out the nature of her bereavement and for me to describe the kind of counselling that I have on offer. My initial session gives me an idea of what the client may need and also allow a client to get an idea of how sessions may be needed and expectations and goals, so that we have a firm base for the counselling relationship to be built on.

Jane was unsure as to whether counselling would help her, she felt her previous experience of counselling had failed her; she felt that her counselor had been very young and that some of the material that they had covered had been beyond that counselor’s scope. However Jane was open for change and hopefully we could work well together and that my previous experience in bereavement counselling would be very beneficial. We agreed to review our progress at the end of three sessions, to ensure that Jane was happy with the progress.

During the session’s we talked about the nature of her relationship with her Mother and it became apparent very quickly that Jane felt guilty. She had spent her mother’s final moments trying to resuscitate her. Now Jane wished that she had spent those precious moments telling her how much she loved her. Jane regretted that she had not spent more time with her mother during her last few months and could have been more “patient” with her. The final picture of her mother’s last distressing moments kept playing through her mind.

Grief effects everyone in different ways and Jane could not cope with her feelings of guilt and remorse, the conflicting thoughts, the reality of trying to save her mother and the guilt of not expressing her love and spending enough quality time. She would look for excuse’s not to go home to her village and look after her elderly parents, she was an only child born to the couple later in life.

Jane was seeking change or to come to some kind of acceptance. There was also unresolved emotions around the death of her first husband whom she married very young and had a rocky relationship with – suffering from mental illness he tragically committed suicide after the relationship came to an end. This situation among others had resulted in Jane labeling herself as “unlucky” she felt that this might be a self full filling prophecy, not least that now she was happily married her husband was now suffering from MS.

Jane portrayed herself as a very capable businesswoman and mother, however there seemed to be a vulnerable inner child in side her crying out to be heard. I fed this feeling back, she was taken aback by my observation and said that this was how she felt, and we worked on giving this child a voice.

Since her mother’s death Jane was left questioning her whole being “what is it all about?” She had been a philosophy student and enjoyed thoroughly understanding things, later in life she had become an accountant, so now seemed to be relying more on logic, she seemed to be searching now for a more spiritual understanding, there appeared to be this internal battle going on.

Jane was also becoming concerned because she felt that she was “becoming obsessed by the health of her twin girls, she would sit up until the early hours of the morning alone with a bottle of wine and worry. These thoughts were hard to put down and were now affecting her sleep.

I noticed that during our sessions Jane would always underestimate the gravity of the situation she was describing, often saying “others had it worse” I fed this back to Jane, she gave herself permission for the first time to experience and accept how difficult her life had been; understanding that it was her avoidance tactics that had been masking her true feelings.
Jane described this feeling as if a “light had been switched on”.

There was a visible change in Jane she became lighter, unburdened and said that this was the best that she had felt in years. We ended our work after 8 sessions.

How we worked together:

We looked how Jane felt about her close relationships and how “guilt “ played a huge role, impacting terribly on how she felt about herself. We worked on some childhood issues, how being the only children to older parents impacts on you in many ways. Accepting the fact that she could never have saved her Mother and that  her Mother always new how much she loved her. Most of our work was centered on the process of loss and the five stages of loss, understanding that each loss needs to be recognised and worked through.

Seeing the changes in Jane through counselling her and the many clients that I work with makes my job so incredibly rewarding.

A Little More About Me

My life has taken me on a journey to where I am now and I couldn’t be happier. jacqueline-hurst

I have traveled the world, studied many practices, lived in lots of countries, been a model, lived in New York and much more. I now live with my husband Ray and my son Alex and our lovely dogs in Coventry. I love my life and my job and feel honored to share the journeys I have with people be it treatment for depression, working with a couple on their journey to start a family or helping heal someones poorly back.

Fertility Acupuncture

I booked in for a free consultation with Jacqui at the start of my infertility journey, having just been referred to the CRM for testing. I felt overwhelmed with confusion and keen to give myself the best possible chance of conceiving, and her deep understanding of my situation immediately made me feel better. As the weeks and months went on Jacqui was the most enormous source of support and solace. I always looked forward to her sessions as a time for myself, and she could always cheer me up with some well chosen wise words of encouragement, a friendly ear, or just a bit of a gossip. She bent over backwards to accommodate my need for treatments at ridiculous hours throughout the courses of IVF and I know will go the extra mile for all her clients. I can’t say enough about how much it meant to have someone to talk to who truly understands the ups and downs of fertility treatment and infertility. I’m now delighted to say that I’m a mum to a miraculous 6 week old boy, and I really feel like I wouldn’t be so blessed without her help.

Testimonial for: Acupuncture for Fertility in Leamington Spa

AHM Testing

One of the services I provide for my clients (ladies) undergoing fertility treatment or investigations is AMH Testing.

AMH Testing (anti-mullerian) is a relatively new blood test thought to be the most accurate predictor of a woman’s ovarian reserve,  the size of a woman’s remaining egg supply, in order to give an indication of her potential fertility.

After seeing the need for many of my clients to get this and other blood tests done, quickly, easily and more cost effectively. In 2011 I trained and qualified as a phlebotomist.

The AMH test requires a blood sample which will then be sent off for evaluation and we usual get the result within 4 days. I can then interpret the results and help plan any next steps as a result of the test. For some women it may be appropriate to consider prioritising planning pregnancy or even moving to a more assisted route sooner rather than later. Whatever the journey I am there to support.

Contact me for further information or to book an AMH Test.