Counselling for Anxiety

Around one tenth of the population in the UK will see their GP every year because they feel tense or anxious. In the past Doctors would traditionally prescribe drugs for such problems, these may include antidepressants or tranquillisers. Over the past few years’ research has shown that there are more effective ways of treating anxiety e.g Counselling and Psychotherapy.

My use of counselling for anxiety involves getting to the root of the issue, and sometimes teaching peoples how to cope. These approaches can help a variety of people whose problems on the surface look very different but who underneath all experience very similar things. The approach is person centered and tailored made for each client understanding how these issues may have developed and using the recognised strategies of distorted thinking patterns that are part of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model.

I work from my clinics in both Leamington Spa and Coventry I treat patients all over Warwickshire including  CoventryRugbyLeamington SpaKenilworth and Warwick.

If you are suffering from anxiety please contact me to find out how I can help.