Acupuncture for Back Pain

Acupuncture is now recommended by the NHS for the treatment of back pain.

It is commonly known that there are varying reasons for back pain: a road accident, lifting something the wrong way or sitting at a desk all day may be the cause. As we age, we may suffer deterioration through wear and tear or arthritic pain, in the lower lumber and/or neck may be the problem, even stress and depression causing emotional tension, may be at the root of the back pain. It has been my greatest joy to treat many patients and alleviate the great turmoil and agony created by back pain. Acupuncture really comes into its own when treating back pain – the results are amazing.

Acupuncture for Back Pain Case Studies:

Mark is a 45 year old builder, over 6ft tall and has a long spine. Mark had injured his lower lumber region whilst lifting paving stones. I visited Mark at his home as it was impossible for him to sit, stand, drive or even lie down for longer than 2 minutes without pain. He was at his wits end. He was taking double painkillers and still no relief. I needled Mark whilst he moved from position to position – visiting him every day for 5 days, then every other day for the next week. Mark then had weekly treatments for a month, then every two weeks thereafter. Our goal was to get Mark well enough to get on a plane to visit his long time girlfriend in Thailand. Three months later, he was away. I now see Mark every time the seasons change for his tune up. Mark has not had any back pain for past two years.

John is a 60 year old farmer. He has spent his life lifting heavy machinery and working outside. He originally hurt his back in the summer of this year (2007) and went to see an osteopath – he was left in agony. He contacted me and we started work straight away on his back. I used electro acupuncture twice a week for about a month, moving to weekly treatments for the next month. I now see John every month just to keep check. John had access to his X-ray records, which was helpful as we also discovered that John has signs of arthritis developing in his lower lumber region. We were able to introduce some dietary supplements that might help with slowing down the arthritis, plus some back strengthening exercises once the pain was gone.

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