Baby BA was born on Sat morning 8lb 3 oz . He is so beautiful , we will pop over and introduce him very soon xxxx
What a difference 12 months can make !! I began treatment with this lovely young couple exactly one year ago to the day of the Birth of their beautiful baby boy. The couple really wanted to improve their chances of their first IVF treatment being successful . I treated both with Acupuncture and gave advice around best vitamin supplements etc . Mom to be received a series electro treatments prior to the actual ICSI cycle . We then worked on the cycle as normal , I also treated Dad to be to help with his morphology and motility (on his sample.) Every thing went perfectly . We even got to freeze embryos so a fantastic response. I saw Mom for monthly treatments through out the pregnancy. Then during the last month I gave weekly acupuncture to prepare for labour and to help with little ones arrival ,it was areal privilege to work with this fantastic couple.