Hi Jacqui,

I just want to get in touch to say a really big thank you for helping me through a difficult period of my life. Normally such an optimistic person, I came to you feeling low, confidence shattered and depressed. My business had collapsed and I owed a lot of money to the bank, my wife had experienced three recurrent miscarriages and we had not long experienced a death of a very close family member. All of these things happening at once was just too much for me to deal with. I had been trying to lift myself up on my own, but to no avail.

You listened to me talk about my problems in a way no one else could and helped me to see things in a different light. The tools you gave me to help improve my confidence will last forever, and I continue to practice these daily so they become my way of life.
I am pleased to say that things are a lot clearer for me now and life has improved immensely. My business debts have now been fully repaid to the bank, a huge weight off our family’s shoulders. My wife is now pregnant with everything progressing well and we are expecting a new addition to the family in January. My new business is going from strength to strength so things couldn’t be better.

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to who doesn’t judge you and is there to listen and guide you back on track. You did this and I am eternally grateful.

Many thanks again,