I have know reached my full term

I have now reached the full term and we can not thank you enough for fixing me and making this whole experience possible!! We are expecting a little girl and can not ask for a much better gift from upstairs ūüôā

I met with this lovely couple in Sept 2013 , They had suffered a miscarriage in July 2013 at 8 and half weeks , and they  had not been able to conceive since ( 11 months trying ). The situation was understandably creating much anxiety and the couple were very concerned and worried , dreading that conception might never happen again for them.

During our first treatment I found that my patient a  29 year old female ,  seemed to be very blood deficient , showing poor circulation and from tongue diagnoses Iron deficient , I suggested and Iron tonic and extra vitamin D and Calcium . We had one session of counselling  , concentrating on understanding and elevating anxiety. I suggested mindfulness mediation and Breathing to help control negative thoughts , to calm down and relax. I gave detailed instruction on how to recognise the warning signs of stress and anxiety and we went through relaxation techniques  together.

There was also a family history of premature low ovarian reserve so we did and AMH blood test .The results that came back could not have been better. This elevated any concern regarding egg reserve , and helped tremendously psychologically to becoming  much more positive .

Emotionally relaxing and allowing the  idea that this was going to be possible, I believe was key .within the first month of seeing me , In fact within 2 Acupuncture treatments this couple  was able to conceive naturally and are now awaiting the birth in just a few weeks  of their first baby.

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support