It’s a Boy

Hi Jacqui!
Hope you had a good birthday lecture in London!So….. Oren was born yesterday at 6.39am, weighing 3.3kg! Everything seems OK! I’ll send you a photo later today! But I will have to cancel my appointment for later !!!!!!. Love xxxxx (& Oren)

I saw this lovely Couple in April 2013 , the reason for fertility treatment was because of low ovarian reserve measuring at 4.08 pmol/l (age 33) and a thyroid issue , having tried 3 cycles of clomid the couple decided to go on to IVF at Coventry University Hospital (CRM). The news of Low ovarian reserve was of course extremely upsetting , with so many mixed emotions this client was divested, we spent the first session talking, trying to make sense of the diagnoses and coming to terms with the idea that this process may be more difficult than originally thought. After explaining that actually many girls are successful with much lower AMH count , and that in fact I had treated many couples who now have babies and some even working on a 2 nd pregnancy seemed to give hope and relief.
We had time to prepare so was able to have 8 electro acupuncture treatments prior to IVF cycle.
The long protocol was used so I gave acupuncture during the down regulation phase then 2 acupuncture treatments during the stimulation phase,on day of embryo transfer pre and post transfer acupuncture treatment was given , as the embryo was blastocyst a treatment was given 3 days later to help with implantation.
We saw each other for monthly acupuncture treatment , this pregnancy was an absolute dream , the Mommy to be just blossomed . during the last 4 weeks we saw each other 4 times for treatment , getting ready for delivery , Baby O arrived just a few dates after expected due date .
Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support