Acupuncture for FET

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) is a process used during fertility treatment where a fertilised egg (embryo) has been frozen and then thawed to be transferred to the womb.

The process can be done alongside a drugs protocol to manage a woman’s hormones or done naturally following the natural stage of a woman’s cycle – acupuncture can provide help and support during either of these processes.

Thoughts from one of my clients on her experiences on FET and Acupuncture:

“After doing two full rounds of IVF we had two embryos to transfer at the end of each cycle so didn’t have any spare to freeze. On starting our third round of IVF having frozen embryos was something I considered as the holy grail. However on our third round after collecting 15 eggs at the egg collection stage, we then went on to have 1 embryo for transfer 5 days later and then also 5 embryos (blastyosts) to freeze. For anyone going through the process they will understand how happy we were to be given more chances at starting our family without going through the whole IVF process but doing FET instead. 

The initial embryo transfer during our third round was not successful, we then went onto do a natural FET; so the embryo was transferred a few days after I tested positive for ovulation, this transfer was not successful, determined to try the process again natural we waited a couple of months (I got fitter – physically and mentally) and we then tried again and this time we got what is know in the trade a BFP (big fat positive).  

The FET process was a positive experience for us and I loved being able to do the process as close to naturally as I could. In the last few years technology has rapidly improved for thawing embryos as have rates of success for pregnancy and they are now almost as good as a fresh transfer (depending on your clinic). Some Dr’s believe that in a few years FET will be the way that all embryos are transferred; allowing the woman’s body to recover from the IVF process before an embryo is transferred – something that is already done in Japan.

Jacqui worked with me alongside the FET to support my system to be ready to receive our embryo and has continued to give me treatment into my pregnancy. The treatments are always relaxing, enjoyable and the support Jacqui gives is above and beyond what anyone could expect – I highly recommend her fertility support services for anyone under going fertility treatment.” 

Acupuncture works alongside FET where we concentrate on helping the blood supply to the uterus ready for implantation. 

To find out more about how Acupuncture for fertility can help with FET and other fertility treatments please contact me.