Introduction to Acupuncture

Introduction to Acupuncture – here I talk about the history of acupuncture and what patients can expect from Acupuncture treatment:

Introduction to Acupuncture Video Extract:

Firstly a little bit about the history and philosophy of Acupuncture .

Acupuncture is a part of Chinese Medical practice, alongside Herbal medicine and Shiatsu Massage. The medical books on acupuncture were originally  compiled during the reign of the Yellow Emperor.

Acupuncture has been practised for about 4 thousand years.  It operates on the principles of the Meridian system.

At that time the human body was seen as a small principality or country. Each organ had an official to take care of it.  For example the stomach official is called the official in charge of rotting and ripening . So you can see that even back then there was a great insight into how the internal organs worked.

Each organ has its own meridian .

There are 14 channels that run throughout the body, much like path ways , and along these path ways, Qi or energy travels, much like veins and arteries carry blood.

There are over 600 points all along these channels that are like pools of energy and by inserting a very fine disposable needle we can change the flow or quality of the QI.

Sometimes when there is pain or blockage in the energy flow we will need to either tonify or help the energy move, or sedate, or disperse an accumulation of energy.

I can also use electroacupuncture where very small electrodes are attached to the needles to pulsate, this is extremely help full when trying to move energy.

Does acupuncture hurt?

The first question that many patients ask is ‘does acupuncture hurt?’

The answer to that question is no, it may feel like a little sting occasionally, but usually once the needles are in you will feel very little, you may just relax and even go to sleep, depending on what we are treating. There is usually no blood drawn .

What to expect from first acupuncture treatment?

Your first acupuncture treatment lasts for about an hour and half , then subsequent Acupuncture treatments last for one hour.

Your first treatment will consist of us sitting down together and going through a traditional diagnosis. This is a fact finding mission. I will ask all about your health, medical history, life style, even going into what time of day and year you feel at your best.

I will also be looking at your diet and sleep patterns, it is all this information that helps me understand how to treat your condition.

Then I will ask you to sit on the treatment couch, after a short physical examination, taking pulses and checking your tongue, we will start to needle.

The first needles are very superficially inserted into points on the back. This is called a drain, this is a detox treatment that will allow us to begin with a nice clean meridian system.

Then during that same treatment session we will also begin work on your condition.

Once your condition is sorted out many people decide to come for a ‘seasonal tune up’

Every time the season changes, you can pop in for a treatment.

Chinese Medicine, un-like its western medical counterpart, is a preventive medicine, rather than treating the body once it is already sate of disharmony or disease.

If you would like to know more about acupuncture and how it might help you please contact me.